PLASCOW LOGISTICS (Israel) successfully delivers Oversized Unit to Israel's New Ammonia Plant

In a remarkable display of logistics and planning, PLASCOW LOGISTICS LTD, your Pangea partner in Israel, has adeptly managed the delivery of oversized machinery and additional equipment from Haifa Port to the new Ammonia Plant constructed by Saipem at Mishor Rotem, Southern Israel. The operation included transporting an oversized unit along with 8×40 flat racks.

The operation was strategically executed overnight to minimize disruptions and ensure seamless transportation. The cargo was loaded at Haifa Port and transported early the following morning with a police escort, an essential measure to guarantee the safe and smooth passage of the equipment. Arranging for a police escort involved careful planning and coordination well in advance, highlighting PLASCOW LOGISTICS‘ commitment to meticulous logistical preparation.

The success of PLASCOW LOGISTICS in managing logistical and security measures underscores their dedication to operational excellence and safety.

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