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At Panco Group, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive excellence in the world of logistics.
As a distinguished alliance of freight forwarding networks, we have embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way freight forwarders connect and partner to move goods across the globe.

PANCO membership benefits

  • Network with +350 members from worldwide.
    Network with +350 members from worldwide.
  • Unrestricted access to our internet tools and mobile app.
    Unrestricted access to our internet tools and mobile app.
  • Grow your business and cooperation with excellent freight counterparts.
    Grow your business and cooperation with excellent freight counterparts.
  • Increase your international visibility and partnership.
    Increase your international visibility and partnership.

Our Freight Forwarder Network Directory

Our Freight Forwarder Network Directory serves as the premier destination for freight forwarders seeking to expand their global reach and connect with industry-leading partners. Within this comprehensive directory, we have meticulously curated a diverse selection of network brands, each representing excellence and reliability in the logistics and freight forwarding sector. We empower you to explore, evaluate, and forge partnerships with trusted network brands. Discover a wealth of opportunities, access invaluable resources, and join a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to streamlining the movement of goods across borders.

Pangea Logistics Network stands as our flagship network, dedicated to first-class independent freight forwarders worldwide. It provides a global platform that covers major airports and sea ports across the globe, offering unparalleled connectivity. Pangea's strength lies in its commitment to raise business partnerships among its members, promoting mutual growth and success. By partnering with the best in the industry, Pangea ensures that its members can tap into a network of excellence and reliability, facilitating smoother logistics operations and greater market reach.

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Mirroring the successful strategy of its sister network, Pangea, Connecta Freight Network adheres to the same high standards and criteria. This network extends its global reach and cooperation, allowing members to benefit from the inter-network synergies between Pangea and Connecta. By joining Connecta, forwarders gain access to a broader network and enhanced collaboration opportunities, further strengthening their competitive position in the logistics industry.

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Freightcamp serves as a pivotal joint event that unites members from both Pangea and Connecta. This exclusive gathering serves as a real networking powerhouse, where face-to-face interactions flourish. Members enjoy invaluable 1-to-1 business meetings, creating opportunities for forging new partnerships and strengthening existing ones. Beyond business, Freightcamp fosters social networking, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere where industry professionals can connect and grow together.

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Our in-house software development solution, Freightalia, is a game-changer for freight forwarders looking to digitize their sales processes. This white-label system empowers forwarders with automation tools and a strengthened digital presence. From rate management to quotations and bookings, Freightalia streamlines operations, driving efficiency and enhancing competitiveness within the industry. It's a testament to our commitment to equipping our members with cutting-edge technology.

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To maximize the value of our annual Freightcamp meetings, 1to1meet is our tailor-made solution for managing 1-to-1 meeting schedules. It simplifies the coordination of meetings before, during, and after the event, ensuring that members can make the most of their networking opportunities. Additionally, 1to1meet offers virtual meeting capabilities, equipped with robust conference and video functions, making it easier for members to connect even when geographical distances and time zones pose challenges.

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