OCEAN BRIDGE SHIPPING (Morocco) delivers comprehensive and tailored End-to-End Logistics Solutions

OCEAN BRIDGE SHIPPING, your new Pangea partner in Morocco, was founded by industry experts and enthusiasts passionate about innovative supply chain solutions. OCEAN BRIDGE‘s headquarters are located in Casablanca, Morocco.

With a commitment to providing real-time freight visibility and 24/7 operational logistics management, OCEAN BRIDGE aims to help clients and partners achieve their business objectives efficiently and effectively. Their philosophy, “Locally Invested and Globally Connected,” underscores their dedication to delivering top-tier logistics services.

Comprehensive Road Logistics:
OCEAN BRIDGE offers an extensive array of trucking services, ensuring end-to-end delivery with integrated tracking tools. They guarantee the safe and timely movement of cargo.

Air Logistics for Time-Critical Needs:
For clients facing time-sensitive logistics requirements, OCEAN BRIDGE’s air freight services provide the fastest solutions. Their strategic agreements with air freight carriers ensure swift and reliable transportation.

Maritime Logistics with Global Reach:
Offering real-time visibility and reliable navigation, OCEAN BRIDGE provide both full container loads and groupage services to multiple destinations worldwide.

5PL Solutions for Streamlined Logistics:
From farms and factories to the last mile, OCEAN BRIDGE offers a single point of contact for the entire logistics chain. Their 5PL solutions are designed not just for cost efficiency but to optimize cargo delivery on time.

Specialized Services:
OCEAN BRIDGE excels in transporting oversized freight via land, air, or sea, leveraging their expertise in handling heavy and voluminous equipment. They also provide cold chain logistics, ensuring temperature-controlled transport from pickup to delivery.

Warehousing and Multimodal Transport:
Their extensive warehousing network offers flexibility for both local and global operations. OCEAN BRIDGE’s multimodal transport services, combining road, sea, and air, provide the most optimized shipment combinations.

Dedicated Services for Unique Needs:
OCEAN BRIDGE collaborates with top partners to ensure cost-efficiency and effectiveness for all specific logistics projects. Their groupage services cater to small orders, while their custom clearance services navigate the complexities of international trade regulations.

Comprehensive Service Panel:
OCEAN BRIDGE meticulously analyzes partner objectives to offer the best-optimized logistics combinations. Their multimodal solutions, backed by user-friendly integrated software, provide precise and reliable information, ensuring successful end-to-end logistics services across various industries.

For many years, OCEAN BRIDGE has successfully leveraged its logistics expertise to provide comprehensive end-to-end services. You can expect a seamless logistics experience tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that every cargo reaches its destination safely, on time, and within budget.

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