NEW GLOBE LOGISTIK (India) manages Alternator and Braiding Machine Shipments Across Continents

In a remarkable demonstration of logistical expertise, NEW GLOBE LOGISTIK (NGL), your Pangea partner in India, has successfully completed two critical international shipments, showcasing their capacity to handle complex and heavy cargo with precision and reliability.

The first remarkable achievement involved the delivery of 25 tons of alternators from Bangalore to Johannesburg. Despite the challenging monsoon season, NGL’s specialized monsoon-proof logistics ensured that the cargo, measuring 222 x 132 x 190 cm per unit, arrived safely and on time. The shipment required special handling due to its over-height nature, necessitating the use of a specialized forklift for movement.

In another feat of logistical expertise, NGL managed the complicated process of importing a braiding machine from Qingdao, China to Nhava Sheva, India. This heavy machinery shipment weighed a total of 1890 kilograms and occupied 12 cubic meters of space. NGL’s meticulous planning and execution ensured that the equipment was transported efficiently.

NGL’s commitment to excellence in logistics ensures that critical equipment reaches its destination securely, regardless of the complexities involved. Their expertise in handling over-height cargo and heavy machinery proves their dedication to providing outstanding logistics solutions across the globe.

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