CGO FORWARDING (Mexico) offers decades of Customized Logistics Expertise

CGO FORWARDING, your new Pangea partner in Mexico, has over 29 years of experience in the industry. The company is recognized for its expertise in providing customized, comprehensive services that cater specifically to the individual needs of each client.

As part of the respected Group Corporativo Aduanal Robles and operating under Patent 1742, CGO FORWARDING stands out with certifications like ISO 9001, AEO, and NMR-R-026SCFI-2009. These achievements highlight their dedication to quality, compliance, and excellence.

The company’s meticulous pre-operation reviews and thorough documentation audits are designed to minimize the risk of delays during customs clearance, ensuring smooth transactions for their clients.

As proud members of IATA and FIATA, CGO FORWARDING provides numerous specialized logistics services, including international air and sea shipping, ground transportation throughout Mexico, and nationwide courier services at competitive prices. The company also handles dangerous goods, temporary imports, and bonded warehousing, ensuring all activities comply with Mexican tax laws and import regulations.

The company’s strategic partnerships ensure the maintenance of an uninterrupted cold chain. Their dedicated customs team works diligently to expedite procedures, reducing additional connection and storage costs.

Beyond logistics, CGO FORWARDING provides cargo insurance, supplier audits, and quality inspections throughout Mexico and beyond. By outsourcing foreign trade activities to CGO FORWARDING, businesses can concentrate on their core operations, confident that their trade logistics are handled by professionals.

CGO FORWARDING is committed to delivering excellence in foreign trade logistics, offering comprehensive and tailored solutions that ensure the seamless and efficient movement of goods.

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