LOGISTURK (Türkiye) secures IATA Accreditation, Enhancing Global Logistics Capabilities

LOGISTURK, your Connecta partner in Türkiye, has achieved a significant milestone by attaining an accredited certificate from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), greatly enhancing its global logistics capabilities.

By officially becoming an IATA agent, LOGISTURK will improve the efficiency and reliability of its air freight services, ensuring smoother package transit across the globe. This accreditation not only highlights LOGISTURK‘s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction but also provides access to more international routes and cutting-edge logistics technologies.

As LOGISTURK celebrates this important milestone, it encourages its customers and partners to look forward to more resilient, secure, and rapid logistics operations. Everyone is invited to prepare for accelerated delivery speeds and first-class service from LOGISTURK as they progress to new heights together.

Congratulations to LOGISTURK on this remarkable achievement!

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