EASYFRESH (Netherlands) adopts BlueBox Systems for Enhanced Cold Chain Logistics Transparency

EASYFRESH, your Connecta partner in Netherlands, has recently integrated the BlueBoxOcean platform into its operations. Developed by industry leader BlueBox Systems, this platform offers comprehensive data coverage for 98% of global ocean freight shipments, thereby strengthening transparency within the cold chain logistics sector.

Equipped with BlueBoxOcean, EASYFRESH now gains access to real-time updates and detailed container information. This newfound capability empowers the company to streamline logistics planning and swiftly address any deviations encountered during transit.

Teun Messemaker, Global Manager Seafreight at EASYFRESH, says “When transporting our temperature-sensitive shipments, complete monitoring and transparency are essential. By using BlueBox Systems’ data, we can now offer our customers even better visibility of their shipments and intervene more quickly in the event of short-term problems to ensure smooth transport

The integration of BlueBox Systems’ technology aims to offer improved visibility and intervention capabilities to ensure seamless transportation. EASYFRESH‘s future plans include incorporating temperature data tracking and extending the solution to their other offices.

This partnership underscores the significance of advanced tracking solutions in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of cold chain logistics. It highlights the commitment of EASYFRESH to continually enhance its services for its customers.

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